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Definitions of different types of carpet:

When you are looking to purchase a carpet you have many options to choose from. Most commonly selected is cut pile which is usually a “textured carpet that allows you durability, softness and does not show footprints or vacuum marks.
Here is some basic knowledge to educate on what to ask for when you need a carpet.
Cut Pile Carpet- Basically this is where loops in the carpet are trimmed.
Pattern Long loop- This is where the loops add texture by having different sizes of loop height in the carpet.
When you have both loops and cuts it can achieve different patterns.
What is Berber? Berber is loop pile construction that has lighter backgrounds but small specks of a darker shade of color. They are very cost effective and they do great in high traffic areas and are very modern in look.
Frieze “ Shag” Carpets This type of carpet has high fibers and is great for wear and durability and also can hide seams in carpets. Make sure you buy a frieze carpet with excellent stain resistance as it can be a tad higher to clean in big spills and stains.
Here at Carpet Hut know that your sales person can direct you to the right type of carpet for every need and give you a great price on your flooring.